‘Great’ Engineering Personality Metrics

Have you ever questioned yourself whether you’ve been doing so many details upon the current task and might already get lost somewhere? I have!

Have you ever doubted your own capability when you’ve been engaged in numerous and tedious circuit simulations, characterizations, and analysis for certain long period? I have!

These days I’m designing (or implementing) a circuit, which adopts such a design methodology – keep everything simple. Quite conventional architecture, no fancy( or complicated) technique, and only for the sake of simplification and optimization! To achieve the optimum performance, I spent quite some time on analyzing and simulating almost every small component! Am I making the state-of-arts or far far way from the state-of-arts?

Everynano counts!

I doubt and I hurt sometimes!

Good that today I read a post, which shares the author’s view towards three great engineering personality metrics. [link]

According to the author, the mentioned three are:

1. detail-oriented

2. not be pissed off by problems

3. teamworker

I really like one of the author’s sentences in that post, and copy it here:

‘The best engineers have egos, but they have been humbled enough that they know that nature is complicated and they just might be wrong. They also find ways to make all the people around them better, while the prima donna is all about him.

– Mathscinotes’

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