Tired of technical stuffs? Then, some music…

Long time no update!

Busy with technical stuffs, tired, but still feel good!

Feel so good that have the moods to talk a little bit about songs and life.

Songs tell the stories of life.

Life makes songs.

No songs no life.

No life no songs.

============You may ignore the above b.s.l.h.a.i.h.t…………

OK! Coming to the point, Leonard Cohen – Here it is — the best song of mine in 2011.

It exactly answers two questions I’ve been puzzling over.

What’s the life?

“Hello, my love,
And my love, Goodbye”

What’s the death?

“And here is your death
In the heart of your someone.”

PS, I modified the last word of the last setence from “son” to “someone”.

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