Several Reasons PhD Students fail

I read an interesting post yesterday by a statistics professor on several reasons PhD students fail. I would like to recommend the post – How to fail a PhD.

For those who are too busy to do a click, I copy the seven ‘not-to-do’ bullets as below:

  • Wait for the supervisor to tell you what to do
  • Wait for inspiration
  • Aim for perfection
  • Aim too high
  • Aim too low
  • Follow every side issue
  • Leave all the writing to the end

Every bullet shots in the center!

I wish I could have read the post earlier.

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2 Responses to Several Reasons PhD Students fail

  1. Girish W says:

    Thanks Bengt. I am planing to enroll for PhD after some time. It is good starting food to be aware of Failure. 🙂

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