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Noise Effect On The Distribution of ADC Output Codes

In the previous post, the probability of comparator decision with the existence of noise was calculated. In this post, the topic about noise and probability will continue. The whole topic is actually inspired by a 1986-paper [1], which discusses noise effect … Continue reading

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Noise Effect On The Probability of Comparator Decision

In the previous post, it is explained why normal distribution with a standard deviation of  is used to characterize the circuit input-referred noise. In this post, we will calculate the probability of comparator decision (High or Low) with the existence of noise. We … Continue reading

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Normal Distribution and Input-Referred Noise

Normal distribution is frequently assumed when we do circuit analysis. Why? Because there is a saying that the sum of a large number of random variables converges to the Normal. Under what condition is this true? The central limit theorem deals with … Continue reading

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