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Noise Effect On The Probability of Comparator Decision

In the previous post, it is explained why normal distribution with a standard deviation of  is used to characterize the circuit input-referred noise. In this post, we will calculate the probability of comparator decision (High or Low) with the existence of noise. We … Continue reading

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Normal Distribution and Input-Referred Noise

Normal distribution is frequently assumed when we do circuit analysis. Why? Because there is a saying that the sum of a large number of random variables converges to the Normal. Under what condition is this true? The central limit theorem deals with … Continue reading

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Derive kT/C from Equipartition Theorem

It’s better to know(actually have to know) kT/C if you design ADCs. First, let’s take a look at its inverse-derivation (for detailed explanation, please go for elsewhere, there are lots of…): Then, comes the dessert of today – Equipartition Theorem … Continue reading

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