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Pacemaker A: Some backgrounds

Since my current research focus is on ultra-low power ADC design for medical implant devices, among which the pacemaker is a well-known implantable medical device, so I came up with such a question – What kind of ADC is really … Continue reading

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A Paper Talking About Circuit Design Trends

As a circuit designer, it’s good to read, to know, or to think about the trends in his/her domain. It was sooo late that I came to realize it ):. However, I, fortunately, anyway, realized its importance and made up … Continue reading

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A frog at the bottom of a well

It’s a Chinese idiom. The story is about a frog living at the bottom of a well. It is quite satisfied with its living conditions and surroundings, even though it never comes out of the well and has a look … Continue reading

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