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What Is A Good Circuit Design?

When I was a first-year PhD student, I got easily lost in the sea of papers. Always dream that I could come up with fancy ideas and flash circuits. And, you know, it always ended up with despair. As time … Continue reading

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ADC Performance B: INL vs. THD

In the previous post, I’ve looked at the relation between DNL and SNR. In DNL plot, where the variation of the nonlinearity error just looks like noise, so it’s easy to imagine that the SNR will be degraded due to … Continue reading

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ADC Performance A : DNL vs. SNR

Recently I pick up Wang Xiaobo‘s essays again. One sentence from him made a deep impression on me: do what you like is ‘have’; do what you don’t know why you are doing is ‘not have’. Then I came here … Continue reading

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An Interesting Tutorial Given by Mr. Matching

Are you familiar with this seminal paper, titled “Matching Properties of MOS Transistors” with the first author Marcel Pelgrom? Yes! Pelgrom, the Mr. Matching! I happened to find an online tutorial dealing with component matching given by him from IDESA. … Continue reading

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